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Did you know that Lowdham Pharmacy has a ‘Stop Smoking Clinic’, run by a qualified Smoking Advisors, Mr G Lad and Julie Bentley who can authorise medication to help you to stop smoking and can offer you advice and techniques to conquer the habit.

 Please telephone or email for an appointment
*Conditions apply

Impact on health

Smoking’s impact on public health is huge. In the years from 2007 to 2008 there were 1.4 million NHS hospital admissions for diseases caused by smoking. Smoking is responsible for one in every five deaths in adults aged over 35 in England, and half of all long-term smokers will die prematurely due to a smoking-related disease. In 2008, smoking caused 83,900 deaths in England.

Smoking is a leading risk factor for many debilitating and, in many cases, potentially fatal health conditions such as:

  • lung cancer
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Lowdham Pharmacy Can Help You

Feel free to give us a call on 0115 966 3228 for confidential advice.

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