The team

Our amazing and diverse team are always here to help. We love our community and our patients, and you can always count on us! We get along so well, and here is a bit about us, starting from the left of the picture:

  • Kev is a caring and reliable Delivery Driver who has years of experience within healthcare.
  • Laura is a Pharmacy Assistant who loves to chat and will always greet you with a smile.
  • Girish is an experienced and knowledgeable pharmacist who always puts the patients and customers first.
  • Julie is a Senior Pharmacy Assistant who has worked with us for many years and loves serving the community.
  • Chris is the latest addition to the team. He is a very talented young pharmacist who loves to listen and help.
  • Barbara is a caring and experienced Pharmacy Technician who loves to work and laughs more than anyone.

Caricature drawings by CARIKITA!